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You may have come across Sunrise Windows in your search, but lack of accurate brand review information online can hinder the decision making process. 

Will they fit correctly?  Do they have a track record of longevity, or will they need to be replaced sooner than anticipated, costing you double?

We’ll cover all there is to know about Sunrise Windows, and whether or not they are a wise investment.

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When it comes to the price of Sunrise Windows, you can expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $800 for one window. The price will depend on the window types, of course, as bay windows, for example, will cost more than double-hung.

Of course, you must factor in installation cost, the cost of screens, and any other additional costs as well.

Benefits & Features


While Sunrise mainly focuses on vinyl replacement windows more than anything else, consumers can choose between a variety of custom features and upgrades. There are plenty of different window types to choose from as well, including casement windows, bow windows, bay windows, double-hung windows, and so much more.

Almost every window product in the industry comes in white. Some companies don't offer anything more than white, which leaves homeowners limited in terms of style. With Sunrise, you can choose from a range of color finishes and wood grain finishes.

Tough Glazing

While all Sunrise replacement window products come with strong glass, customers have the option to upgrade to Solar Clean glass when purchasing from the Vanguard and Restoration series. This durable glass uses innovative, self-cleaning technology with a thin and transparent titanium dioxide layer on the exterior.

The titanium dioxide utilizes sunlight to break down organic matter. Not having to constantly keep your windows clean is a huge benefit and one of the reasons why we love Sunrise Windows so much.

Superior Energy-Efficiency

Superior Energy-Efficiency

When it comes to energy efficiency, you'll be happy to know that Sunrise Window products have certification from the National Fenestration Registration Council.

When it comes to thermal performance and critical draft control, Sunrise outperforms both Andersen and Pella.

It should also be noted that they use climate-specific performance, meaning you get the best Energy Star rating for the particular climate zone that you are in. 

In fact, the standard Sunrise products have some of the lowest SHGC and U-factor numbers in the industry today, which is pretty impressive.

Beyond that, there is triple weather stripping at each point of contact, providing one of the lowest published air leakage rates on the market today.

Secure Sashes

The unique sashes that come on Standard Sunrise products have 10/10 scores with AAMA forced entry tests. The sash structure makes use of locks that fasten through three layers of .075 iUPVC. Each sash also comes with a low-profile French cam that locks nicely into the frame for the best possible security.

Exceptional Features

Every window in the Sunrise Window lineup comes with cutting-edge technologies, which are used to improve the major performance factors, including durability, insulation, security, and strength.

All Sunrise Windows make use of welded and low-profile vinyl frames, which are extremely durable, surprisingly attractive, and very well-insulated. Thanks to the fact that they are filled with high R-value polyurethane foam, you get some of the best heat and cold retention around. To prevent issues with condensation or complete seal failure, every window in the company's lineup has advanced seal edge technology.

Better Views

When you look at most low-quality window manufacturers that make replacement windows, the frames are usually very thick and wide. Companies often do this on purpose to limit the size of the glazed area, as it helps reduce overall costs. Unfortunately, this limits the view to the outside, which can be very important to many people. Not only that, but a larger frame means less light is able to make it through the window.

With low-profile vinyl frames, you are able to maximize your view and get the most amount of natural light possible. Compared to traditional vinyl window products, you get a 27% greater viewing area overall.

Gorgeous Aesthetics

There is nothing like the beauty of wood when it comes to a window. Of course, as we all know, wood is very expensive and can be difficult to take care of in the long run. For that reason, Sunrise decided to go with aesthetically pleasing, wood-like engineering to give homeowners the look of wood without sacrificing beauty or durability.

With mitered interior glazing beads, you get an elegant look with more security than traditional glazing.


Mose Sunrise Windows complaints that we have seen online have to do with installation. Some people had their windows installed incorrectly, meaning air could seep in where it shouldn't have. Some people also mentioned that the lower-tier replacement windows weren't effective in blocking out unwanted noise.

Types of Windows Offered

Sunrise Essentials Windows

The Sunrise Essentials Windows Series has windows made from standard, unfilled vinyl frames.

If you're in the market for some budget-friendly windows without fancy trimmings or colors, these are a great choice. You can choose between double-hung windows, slider windows, and picture windows.

We would mostly recommend the Essentials Windows series to those with smaller window openings.

Sunrise Essentials Windows

Sunrise Standard Windows

Sunrise Standard Windows

A step up from the Essentials Series is the Sunrise Standard Windows. With high-quality extrusion, they can reduce noise and block out hot or cold air very easily.

We highly recommend going with the Sunrise Standard Windows if you live in an area that is very noisy or if you live in an environment where the temperature often fluctuates, as these will give you more protection than the windows from the Essentials Series.

It is also worth noting that the Standard Windows come in a wide range of glass and color options compared to the Essentials Series.

Sunrise Verde Windows

The Verde Windows are very similar to the Standard Windows in terms of look, though the extrusion has a unique chamber filled with polyurethane, giving you far better insulation.

Essentially, the Sunrise Verde Windows are much more energy-efficient compared to the Standard and Essentials series, blocking out hot and cold air and giving users more protection from external noise.

Sunrise Verde Windows

Sunrise Vanguard Windows

Sunrise Vanguard Windows

The Sunrise Vanguard Series makes use of high-security frames. These frames are composed of polyurethane insulation, a fiberglass core, a reinforced sash, and a lever lock that is completely pick-resistant.

If you live or own a home in an area that has high crime rates, the Vanguard Window Series will give you the peace of mind you need to sleep at night or enjoy yourself when on vacation without having to worry about your home getting broken into.

Sunrise Restorations Windows

For those who want a premium window, we highly recommend looking into the Restorations Series. Every Restorations replacement window comes with a polyurethane-filled chamber, a fiberglass-reinforced sash, and a high-transparency screen.

As with the other Series above, the Restorations products are very energy-efficient. If you are looking for some great windows that can lower your energy bills, the Restorations Series has got you covered.

Sunrise Restorations Windows

These windows are quite unique in that they are made to resemble wood. Contractors will often use these windows when restoring older homes and buildings.

You can find a wide range of frame styles with Sunrise Windows, including:

  • Awning Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Single-Hung Windows
  • Double-Hung Windows
  • Bay & Bow Windows
  • Garden Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Sliding Windows
  • Hopper Windows
  • Coastal Windows
  • Custom-Shaped Windows

Company Background

Sunrise came about back in 1994 when industry veterans Larry VanDeVelde, Gary Delman, and Elliott Delman, came together to start a company that built high-quality windows and doors, all with different functionalities. With craftsmanship, innovation, and quality customer service, they have been refining their products for almost three decades now.

As of now, the company supplies window products to over 37 states, as well as a few parts of Canada.


Are Sunrise Windows good?

For the most part, Sunrise Windows has received very positive reviews online. With high-quality materials, reasonable pricing, and special features, customers are generally happy with what the company provides. As of right now, they have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Are Sunrise Windows better than Pella?

Sunrise is a much more popular and higher-quality brand compared to Pella. The infiltration and U-factor ratings are much better, as well as the structural ratings. Essentially, you will get a more durable window frame when you go with Sunrise.

The designs that Pella uses for its budget-friendly window lines are a bit outdated compared to Sunrise's, making Pella a less popular choice for installation in newer homes.



As a customer, the last thing you want is to have to pay to replace a window after it gives out in a few years' time.

Luckily, Sunrise has a lifetime, non-prorated warranty, which can be transferred from one homeowner to a second property owner.

All of the window and door products available through the company, including the doors, receive this warranty. 

We really love the fact that you can transfer this warranty to the second property owner, as it is perfect for those who want to purchase a home and add new window products before flipping it.

You also get a lifetime non-prorated warranty for exterior paint, which lasts up to twenty years for peeling and cracking and ten years for fading. As long as you are living in your home, the insulated glass is covered.

It should be noted that the lifetime warranty covers manufacturer defects, including seal failure. However, it does not cover broken glass.

Alternative Brands?

Andersen Windows is one of the best alternatives in the industry today. With unique window designs manufactured with top-of-the-line materials and many different cost tiers to choose from, you can get everything from budget-friendly windows to beautiful, architecturally focused windows. Andersen also offers a wide range of advanced security features compared to Sunrise, especially in the company's lower-tier series.

Milgard Windows is a great choice when it comes to affordable vinyl windows. This company has a variety of styles to choose from, each with different functionalities. Consumers can choose between aluminum frames for a simple yet modern aesthetic or wood-clad fiberglass for an upscale look and durable, long-lasting construction.

Lastly, Harvey Windows is another great choice for those seeking out a Sunrise alternative. With both wood and vinyl options to choose from, as well as the Vigilant Series, which offers complete protection against heavy storms. While Harvey might not have as many customization options as some of the other alternatives, they provide great noise-reduction and storm-protection windows, perfect for those who live in coastal or urban environments.

Final Verdict

If you're looking to replace a window, it should be noted that Sunrise Windows has a pretty positive reputation throughout the window industry and many consumers are happy with the wide variety of options they offer, the high-quality materials they use, and the special features present on some of their windows.

While there might be some installation complaints here and there, we believe that Sunrise Windows is a great choice overall if you are in the market for high-quality replacement windows. Even with that said, many people say that they offer supreme customer service, especially compared to other window companies out there.

Whether you're looking to get a simple picture window, a unique casement window, a standard double-hung window, or even a sliding glass door, you can find exactly what you are looking for with Sunrise! 

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