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Don’t spend tons of money on windows that you'll have to replace in five years.

As one of the most recognizable names in the window industry, you might be wondering to yourself, are Simonton windows any good?

We’ve got the answer to that question, as well as an in-depth break down of the 3 distinct series Simonton offers. 

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Simonton Windows Prices

Simonton windows are pretty competitively priced, which is why so many people choose to go with the mid and high-end window series.

The prices for Simonton replacement windows are based on the Series. Let's explore the types of windows within each of the Simonton series and how much you can expect to pay per window.

Simonton VantagePointe Vinyl Windows

The Simonton VantagePointe Vinyl Windows are your typical, budget-friendly vinyl windows.

Here are the prices you can expect to pay per window:

  • Double Hung: $330-$385
  • Casement $215-$255
  • Awning: $230-$360
Simonton VantagePointe Vinyl Windows
  • Sliding: $230-$300
  • Bay & Bow: $975-$1,175
  • Picture: $230-$295
  • Custom Geometric: $260-$365

Simonton Impressions Series Windows

Simonton Impressions Series Windows

The Simonton Impressions Series is great for those who want a wood-grain look, though don't want to deal with the added maintenance that comes with real wood.

Here are the prices you can expect to pay per window:

  • Double Hung: $275-$475
  • Awning: $200-$275
  • Casement: $180-$230
  • Picture: $330-$415
  • Sliding: $275-$360
  • Garden: $230-$380
  • Bay & Bow: $815-$920
  • Custom Geometric: $230-$315

Simonton Reflections Series Windows

The Simonton Reflections Series acts as the perfect complementary look to classic architecture and decor.

Here are the prices you can expect to pay per window:

Simonton Reflections Series Windows
  • Double Hung: $290-$410
  • Awning: $175-$220
  • Casement: $245-$325
  • Picture: $215-$270
  • Sliding: $190-$245
  • Garden: $210-$360
  • Bay & Bow: $890-$1,020

Simonton Prism Series Windows

Simonton Prism Series Windows

There are four models of high-quality windows to choose from in the Simonton Prism Series, including Platinum, Ultra Gold, Gold, and Bronze.

Here are the prices you can expect to pay per window:

  • Double Hung: $290-$355
  • Awning: $180-$215
  • Casement: $230-$350
  • Picture: $230-$340
  • Sliding: $230-$350
  • Garden: $280-$340
  • Bay & Bow: $740-$845
  • Custom Geometric: $255-$395

Simonton Stormbreaker Plus Series Windows

If you live in a coastal area, you'll want the windows with the greatest amount of protection possible.

The Simonton Stormbreaker Series can stand up to just about any type of inclement weather.

Here are the prices you can expect to pay per window:

Simonton Stormbreaker Plus Series Windows
  • Double Hung: $370-$420
  • Awning: $275-$345
  • Casement: $270-$365
  • Picture: $265-$400
  • Sliding: $330-$395
  • Custom Geometric: $295-$375

Features & Benefits

Noise Blocking

Do you live in a noisy area? Maybe you work during the night and need a place to get some sleep during the day. If so, Simonton windows offer surprising noise blockage. Sleep soundly whenever you need!

Temperature Regulating

Energy efficiency is one of the main things that people look for in new windows these days. If you have an old house, even replacing one window with low energy efficiency can cut back on your energy costs throughout the year.

Simonton Windows are Energy Star compliant, helping people to save money on heating and cooling costs. Whether you live in a hot summer climate or a cold winter climate, Simonton windows can help keep the inside of your home feeling comfortable throughout the year, saving you money in the long run.

Buyers can choose between different types of glass depending on the efficiency and performance they are looking for.


While the regular Simonton series provide homeowners with the expected durability one would get with mid-range vinyl replacement windows, Simonton also makes replacement windows for regions plagued by inclement weather.

The Stormbreak vinyl window series is made with double-strength, impact-resistant glass that can protect homes from flying debris. Compared to the other replacement windows in the Simonton series, these windows also provide 50% more sound dampening qualities, perfect for those who live in ultra-noisy environments.

Beyond that, the glass on these windows filters up to 99% of UV rays, protecting your interior furnishings from fading and discoloration.

Types of Windows Offered

While Simonton Windows offers a variety of replacement windows, as well as other non-window, sliding glass door products, we're going to dive into the top three series from this window company:

Simonton Windows 6500 Series Windows

Simonton Windows 6500 Series Windows

The Simonton Windows 6500 Series is the ultimate series for style and performance. This top-notch window line offers a variety of hardware options and custom color options.

Those who want the look of wood with the maintenance-free characteristics of a vinyl window will enjoy the 6500 Series.

Choose between Standard ProSolar Low E glass with Argon Gas or Optional ProSolar, which provides triple-pane insulating glass for some of the best energy efficiency around.

Consumers can upgrade their 6500 Simonton Windows with the Sound & Security package, which offers increased sound dampening thanks to its laminated glass.

There are several window styles available in the Simonton Windows 6500 Series, including:

  • Simonton Windows 6500 Double Hung Windows
  • Simonton Windows 6500 Casement Window
  • Simonton Windows 6500 Slider Windows
  • Simonton Windows 6500 Slider Windows
  • Simonton Windows 6500 Picture Window
  • Simonton Windows 6500 Awning Window
  • Simonton Windows 6500 Hopper Window
  • Simonton Windows 6500 Geometric Window
  • Simonton Windows 6500 Bay Windows
  • Simonton Windows 6500 Bow Windows

Simonton Windows 6100 Series Windows

For those looking for a sleek and contemporary window frame for allowing maximum daylight to come in and keeping the view free from obscurities, the Simonton Windows 6100 Series is a great choice.

These Simonton Windows are made for energy efficiency and come with plenty of glass, color, and grille options, allowing consumers to customize their replacement windows.

Simonton Windows 6100 Series Windows

You can choose between Standard ProSolar and Optional ProSolar Shade Low E glass, and enjoy long-lasting vinyl window beauty.

There are several window styles available in the Simonton Windows 6100 Series, including:

  • Simonton Windows 6100 Double Hung Windows
  • Simonton Windows 6100 Casement Windows
  • Simonton Windows 6100 Slider Windows
  • Simonton Windows 6100 Picture Windows
  • Simonton Windows 6100 Awning Windows
  • Simonton Windows 6100 Hopper Windows
  • Simonton Windows 6100 Geometric Windows
  • Simonton Windows 6100 Bay Windows
  • Simonton Windows 6100 Bow Windows
  • Simonton Windows 6100 Garden Windows

Simonton Windows 5500 Series Windows

Simonton Windows 5500 Series Windows

The Simonton Windows Reflections 5500 Series is perfect for complimenting the architecture of just about any home. With unique beveled designs and a touch of sophistication, the Simonton Windows 5500 Series is unique and versatile.

Choose between a wide variety of Decorum exterior and interior colors, including traditional woodgrain colors.

Some advanced glass options provide additional security and increased sound dampening.

There are several window styles available in the Simonton Windows 5500 Series, including:

  • Simonton Windows 5500 Double Hung Windows
  • Simonton Windows 5500 2-Lite Slider
  • Simonton Windows 5500 3-Lite Slider
  • Simonton Windows 5500 Picture Windows
  • Simonton Windows 5500 Casement Windows
  • Simonton Windows 5500 Colonial Casement Windows
  • Simonton Windows 5500 Awning Windows
  • Simonton Windows 5500 Bay Windows
  • Simonton Windows 5500 Bow Windows
  • Simonton Windows 5500 Garden Windows
  • Simonton Windows 5500 Half Round Windows
  • Simonton Windows 5500 Eyebrow Windows
  • Simonton Windows 5500 Quarter-Round Windows
  • Simonton Windows 5500 Circle Windows
  • Simonton Windows 5500 Hexagon Windows
  • Simonton Windows 5500 Pentagon Windows
  • Simonton Windows 5500 Gothic Windows
  • Simonton Windows 5500 Trapezoid Windows
  • Simonton Windows 5500 Triangle Windows

Beyond these top three Simonton Windows series, this window company offers a wide range of new construction windows and replacement windows in its 12 complete series.

Company Background

Simonton Windows is one of the United States' top replacement windows companies and one of the most popular names in the industry today.

Simonton Windows has been around since 1946 and was started by Fred and Sybil Simonton in Pennsboro, West Virginia. In 1981, Fred and Sybil's son helped take the company to the next level when he told his parents they would need to begin producing energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows to compete with other window manufacturers.

Thus, the Simonton Windows as people know it today was born.

The Simonton Windows company still operates in the United States today and offers 12 different window and patio door lines, all with varied stylistic and structural features.


Where to buy Simonton Windows?

Simonton Windows replacement windows can be purchased through several different channels.

Big fans of big-box stores will enjoy the fact that Simonton Windows replacement windows can be purchased through popular big-box stores, such as Lowes, Home Depot, and Sears.

Of course, if you are someone who likes to purchase replacement windows through smaller channels, such as local reps and contractors, Simonton Windows has plenty of smaller channels as well. Many high-end stores carry the expensive Simonton Windows replacement windows lines as well.

Who sells Simonton Windows?

As we said before, Simonton Windows replacement windows can be purchased through a wide variety of channels, including local reps, local distributors, contractors, and big-box stores.

One of the most popular Simonton Windows replacement windows sellers in the industry right now is Home Depot.

Are Simonton Windows Any Good?

Are Simonton Windows Any Good

While Simonton Windows replacement windows are not necessarily the best or fanciest vinyl windows around today, they are incredibly reliable and are made with high-quality materials.

Simonton Windows stands behind its vinyl window products and they provide consumers with tons of vinyl windows to choose from.

While their lower-end vinyl window series aren't the best, the company's Impressions, Reflections, and Stormbreaker series do leave people with something to write home about.

Simonton Warranty?

All Simonton Windows replacement windows come with a double lifetime limited warranty. This warranty protects vinyl, screens, hardware, and insulating glass. The term "double lifetime" means that one homeowner can transfer a warranty for their Simonton Windows vinyl windows to the next homeowner, which is great for those who fix up homes to sell.

The vinyl, hardware, and screens, on Simonton Windows vinyl windows, are protected against chipping, peeling, flaking, blistering, and corrosion.

All Simonton Windows insulated glass units have warranties for seal failure. These warranties last for 20 years.

Who manufactures Simonton Windows?

Simonton Windows falls under the Cornerstone Building Brands company. The Cornerstone Building Brands company, which is one of the leading exterior building products manufacturers in the United States, has its headquarters in Cary, North Carolina.

Are Simonton Windows expensive?

Simonton Windows replacement windows aren't necessarily cheap, but they aren't the most expensive windows either. Depending on the type of window that you get, you may end up paying anywhere from $200-$1,000 per window on average.

Simonton Windows vs Milgard Windows

Simonton Windows is a company that specializes in vinyl windows while Milgard is a company that has plenty of different window material options for its customers to choose from. Beyond vinyl, Milgard also offers its customers aluminum windows, fiberglass windows, and wood windows.

With that said, both of the companies offer different interior and exterior colors for their windows, giving consumers the option to find the best fit for their decor.

Both of these window manufacturers offer fantastic warranty options. Simonton Windows has varied window warranties depending on the replacement windows purchased while the warranty from Milgard covers lifetime labor and lifetime parts.

Do expect to pay more for Milgard windows, however.

Simonton Windows vs Andersen Windows

Again, while Simonton Windows specializes in vinyl windows, Andersen Windows has a wide selection of window products to choose from, including Composite Fibrex windows, Fiberglass windows, Aluminum windows, and Wood windows.

Andersen Windows has 50+ options for colors. Compared to Simonton Windows, which only offers 8 exterior finishes and 6 interior finishes, Andersen Windows provides more room for customization.

When it comes to the warranty, Andersen Windows provides 20 years on glass and 10 years on operable parts. On average, people end up spending more on Andersen Windows than on Simonton Windows. The average cost of a window from Andersen Windows is anywhere from $750-$1,300.

The Final Verdict - Are Simonton Windows Vinyl Replacement Windows Right For Me?

We hope that our Simonton Windows Reviews was helpful in narrowing down the type of new windows you want to get for your home. If you're getting windows installed or windows replaced, we highly recommend that you buy Simonton Windows. There is a reason why Simonton Windows is the most popular mid-range window company in the western United States.

All windows from Simonton Windows are durable, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. With several windows to choose from, a reasonable warranty program that transfers the lifetime warranty from the original purchaser to the next owner, and excellent customer service, finding the Simonton windows to replace old windows is easier than ever.

Good luck finding the right Simonton windows for your needs.

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