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Silverline Windows is an immensely popular brand with a 5-star track record, and are often featured in modern housing renovations. 

But the real question is, are Silverline Windows right for your project?

We have just the answer you're looking for. Continue reading as we thoroughly review Silverline Windows’ 10 best selling models.

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Silverline Windows Prices

When it comes to high-end, modern windows, many contractors and everyday consumers prefer the Silverline brand to other brands that manufacture vinyl windows. You can expect to pay along the same price as you would for other brands. Comparing the average cost per unit for the company's higher-end products, you'll pay around $400. If you choose to go with the 100 Series, which is more affordable, you'll end up paying somewhere in the ballpark of $280.

While lower-end windows can cost anywhere from $150 to $200 per unit, you don't get the same durability that you get with Silver Line windows. Of course, you have to decide if the additional cost for durability is worth it, especially if you are installing windows throughout your home. A single, large window structure for the living room might call for a durable Silver Line window, though installing 20 windows throughout a two-story home could get costly.

When considering the cost, you must also consider the context. Do you want to replace the windows again after 10 years? If not, Silver Line windows are a great choice. With subtle aesthetic improvements, such as frame quality and line elegance, you get what you pay for. Plus, you can think of it as an investment. The better your windows, the more value your home has, and the better energy savings you can accrue over time.

Features & Benefits


One of the first things to note about Silverline Windows is that they are widely available. Consumers can find Silverline Windows in major stores, such as Home Depot, all across the country. Because they are offered in a variety of distribution channels, trying to find a replacement window is incredibly easy.

Performance and Durability

Performance and durability are two factors that Silverline Windows takes very seriously. It is the goal of Silverline Windows to craft windows that last for many generations. Every Silverline Window comes with a guarantee to withstand high frequency of use, inclement weather, and harsh site conditions. There are set standards for each of the Silverline Window products and various codes that the company follows according to the structure in question.


When it comes to energy efficiency, it is worth noting that Silverline Windows has NRFC (National Fenestration Rating Council) certification thanks to its user-friendly and environmentally-friendly features. The NRFC is an extremely credit program that only gives certification to top performers on the market. Thanks to Silverline Windows features like U-Factor and Visibile Transmittance, Silverline Windows earned the award.

The company also has a standard Energy-Star qualification.

Notable Features

Not only are these windows made to create attractive curb appeal and long-lasting strength, but they also come with a wide variety of features that set them apart from other windows on the market.

Energy-efficient glass is all the rage these days. If you're looking to cut down on your heating and cooling costs, having energy-efficient glass on your new windows is a wonderful idea.

Each Silverline Window comes with a tilt-in top and a bottom sash, making them very easy to clean. Beyond that, the unique side covers give your home a finished look.

Not every vinyl window is easy to open and close. Thanks to the fact that each Silverline window utilizes a unique balance system, opening and closing these windows takes little to no effort at all. When the windows are closed, they make use of a fusion-welded vinyl frame and rubber seal to create strong and weathertight closure. You won't have to worry about window fogging with a Silverline vinyl window.

You can purchase your vinyl window with an optional indicator lock as well, which allows you to see whether your Silverline window is locked or unlocked at a glance.

Types of Windows Offered

Silverline Windows has a wide variety of window types available on the company website, including tall side windows, semi-circle windows, quarter-circle windows, sash windows, and arch windows. You will also find sliding windows, awning windows, hopper windows, bow windows, bay windows, double-hung sash windows, and casement windows.

Silver Line Windows allows consumers to choose what they prioritize most, including renovation, impact resistance, or new construction. There are also windows that are made to handle very severe weather in parts of the United States where natural disasters such as hurricanes or tornados occur. While many consumers might think most windows can withstand high-force winds, it's simply not the case. Florida residents, or residents in similar climates, might consider Silver Line High-Velocity Hurrican Zone (HVHZ) windows for additional safety.

There are two main series that the Silverline Window company offers, including the V3 Series and the V1 Series. They also have an additional Coastal Watch Protection Series, perfect for withstanding extreme coastal climates.

V3 Series

The V3 Silverline Window Series includes premium vinyl window and sliding patio door options.

With traditional styles and enhanced performance, these windows are excellent for those who want to spend a bit more.

The V3 Series windows have much wider profiles, allowing them to fit in nicely with traditionally-styled homes.

You can choose from a wide range of features, sizes, and options. 

V3 Series

There are glass options as well, perfect for those who want a window that is more energy-efficient.

Some of the window options in the V3 Series include:

  • Double Hung Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Bow Windows
  • Gliding Windows
  • Gliding Patio Door Windows

Silverline recently introduced a Black Exterior Color option for its V3 Series products as well. All V3 Series windows can be purchased in custom sizes too, each providing low-maintenance construction.

V1 Series

V1 Series

If you're in the market for budget windows, the V1 Series is a great choice.

Included in this line of budget windows is a range of common sizes and options. 

With much slimmer profiles, these windows are much better for contemporary styles.

You can expect to get some of the most popular features and sizes when searching through the V1 Series line.

All V1 Series windows have optional Energy-Star certified glass options for those who want greater energy efficiency. Similar to the V3 Series, you can find custom sizes if you need to.

Some of the window options in the V1 Series include:

  • Double Hung Windows
  • Single Hung Windows
  • Gliding Window
  • Gliding Patio Door Windows

Beyond these main series, Silverline offers a few other notable series, including the 9500 Series, 8600 Series, 8700 Series, 2000 Series, 70 Series, and 5500 Series.

9500 Series

With a balance of beauty, performance, and energy savings, the 9500 Series double-hung window is a very stylish option to replace old, low-end vinyl windows.

The frames on these windows are bulky and utilize double-strength glass. For a sturdy and reliable vinyl window, look no further than the 9500 Series.

9500 Series

8600 Series

8600 Series

The 8600 Series is a double-hung window made with elegance and attention to detail.

With a unique colonial profile and ultra-durable construction, the 8600 is a truly amazing window and the perfect Silverline Window for replacing old or draft windows.

 It should also be noted that these windows include exterior screens with high-performance ratings.

8700 Series

The 8700 Series windows are designed with specially designed rolling tracks.

An 8700 window is a good window option for those who need easy sliding accessibility. There are multiple configurations to choose from, perfect for those who need an energy-efficient solution.

8700 Series

2000 Series

2000 Series

Those in need of a budget-friendly single-hung window might consider the 2000 Series.

With a simple and flat style, a 2000 Series window is a good choice for minimalist decor.

70 Series

The 70 Series is an awning window with a mixture of low-maintenance operation and style, making it a wonderful replacement window choice for old or draft windows.

The 70 Series windows make use of top hinges that open outward from the bottom.

70 Series

70 Series Casement Windows

70 Series Casement Windows

If you're looking for a high-quality casement window, the 70 Series offers plenty of good window options for just about any home. With energy efficiency, low-maintenance construction, and style, this sleek and elegant option is a wonderful choice for those who new windows.

5500 Series

The Silverline Sliding Window 550 Series is very easy to install.

If you need a sliding patio door with incredible flexibility, look no further.

Plus, this sliding patio door is very easy to assemble if you need to have it sent to you in separate parts.

5500 Series

Coastal Watch Protection Series

The Coastal Watch Protection Series windows are made to withstand the extremities of coastal weather. With these unique windows, you get 24/7 protection without ever needing to worry about storing away separate shutters or plywood panels in the case of an emergency.

The glass on these windows is completely impact-resistant, providing you and your family with protection from damaging wind or wind-born debris. With heavy-duty structural reinforcement, these high-impact windows can withstand the harshest of weather conditions.

All Windows in the Coastal watch lineup has been tested and certified, giving them seals of nationally recognized durability. For even more strength and security, each of these windows comes with dual locking door hardware.

Company Background

Silver Line Windows has been producing windows since 1947 and currently has a wide range of windows for consumers to choose from. Since this window company opened, its main building material choice was vinyl. Silver Line has continuously updated their line of vinyl windows without ever using wood or aluminum, creating a low-cost barrier to entry for consumers.

Silver Line was sold to Andersen Window Company, which is headquartered in Bayport, Minnesota. In 2018, however, the company sold Silverline Windows to Ply-Gem, one of the top manufacturers in the vinyl window market. All Andersen windows are manufactured here in the United States.


Where to buy Silverline Windows?

Silverline Windows are available throughout the county in big box hardware stores like Home Depot. The beautiful thing about buying Silverline Windows from Home Depot is that prices are very low. Consumers are far better off trying to find windows there instead of through local window companies if they are in search of the lowest price.

Of course, one of the main downsides of Home Depot is that you won't get the same installation quality or customer service for replacement windows that you would expect to get from a window distributor. We would definitely recommend purchasing your replacement windows from Home Depot and having your windows installed through an independent dealer.

Who makes Silverline Windows?

Ply-Gem is currently the owner of Silverline Windows. The company is one of the most prominent manufacturers of vinyl windows around. Compared to the other vinyl windows the company manufactures, Silverline Windows are on the inexpensive end.

Who sells Silverline Windows?

Silverline Windows can be found throughout many distribution channels. Online shoppers will be happy to know that these vinyl windows are widely available online through the Silverline Windows website, the Anderson Windows website, and so much more.

If you're an in-person buyer, you'll be happy to know that you can find replacement windows at big box stores throughout the country, such as Home Depot.

Are Silverline Windows Any Good?

Many consumers and contractors say that Silverline Windows are on par with the American Craftsman brand, a brand well-known throughout Home Depot big box stores. Though these windows are low-cost, they use high-quality vinyl. They are a perfect choice for rental properties, as they last a long time.


Silverline Windows has a limited lifetime warranty on all of its windows, including the sash, mainframe, and any additional vinyl components. There is also a ten-year warranty on the exterior frame codeine. However, it should be noted that this warranty does not include any labor costs for having replacement Silverline Windows installed. The warranty only covers the replacement window or any replacement window parts.

The warranty is non-transferable, meaning it is only valid through the original owner. There are limitations on the remainder of the warranty, which the company applies to patio doors. Overall, the limited life time warranty is not very strong compared to warranties from other similar manufacturers, such as PGT windows.. However, considering the low price of a Silverline vinyl window, we weren't surprised.

The Final Verdict - Should I Buy A Silverline Window?

We hope that our Silverline Windows Reviews were helpful in narrowing down your window-buying choice. If you're looking to replace an old, draft window in your house, a Silverline window is a great choice! As one of the best low-cost vinyl window manufacturers on the market, these windows are used in modern homes all around the country.

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