Pergo Max vs Outlast vs XP

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Everyone in the flooring world knows about Pergo.

This is likely because Pergo has been one of the biggest brands in the world of flooring since the 90s. In fact, Pergo was the company that invented laminate flooring back in the 70s, creating a foundation for their company to build the various types of laminate flooring that we know today.

Pergo has a MASSIVE lineup of laminate flooring lines, though the majority of Pergo consumers tend to choose one of the three most popular flooring lines:

Pergo XP, Pergo Outlast, and Pergo Max.

If you’re looking at laminate flooring from Pergo and you are struggling with which of these three will be best for your home, then we are here to provide you with all of the answers you need! 

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Lifetime Residential / 10-year light commercial


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Lifetime Residential / 5-year light commercial

Pergo Max Vs. Pergo Outlast Vs. Pergo XP

Pergo MAX

The Pergo MAX lineup from Pergo is available in two different collections, as they decided to split their Pergo MAX lineup many years ago. The Pergo MAX Premier lineup is the newest iteration of Pergo MAX, which is a gorgeous laminate flooring collection with a much thicker design compared to the popular Pergo XP line. 

The Pergo MAX Premier lineup takes an interesting approach to their product, limiting the number of styles that the consumer can choose from while making sure each style is top-notch. 

The Pergo MAX Premier lineup consists of four styles:

  • Oak Wood w/ Blond Onyx
  • Cellar Oak Wood
  • Whitley Wood
  • Piedmont Wood

The Oak laminate is a wonderful look!

The Pergo MAX Premier flooring collection is 12mm thick and 7”x48” in terms of size. Unlike Pergo Outlast, the Pergo Max Premier laminate flooring is not waterproof. With that said, these floors are still incredibly durable with resistance to water and an AC4 rating. 

The boards on Pergo MAX Premier laminate flooring are single planks with embossing. While this laminate flooring does not come with attached underlayment like some of the other types of flooring on this list, it does sit right in line with Pergo MAX and Pergo XP in terms of price.

Now let’s move on to Pergo MAX.

Pergo MAX is not part of the company’s laminate. It is a collection of engineered hardwood flooring. While Pergo MAX hardwood doesn’t have the same waterproof properties of Pergo Outlast floors, which we will get to, this engineered hardwood looks excellent and should be a serious consideration for those who aren’t concerned with water or moisture.

Pergo MAX River Road Oak

Pergo MAX Mountain Ridge Walnut

Pergo MAX Mountain Ridge Walnut

PERGO Max Heathered Oak

Pergo Max Heathered Oak

The Pergo MAX engineered hardwood collection consists of 13 different styles. The majority of boards in the Pergo MAX hardwood collection are wire-brush textured or hand-scraped. While most of them come with a matte finish, there are a few that have satin and semi-gloss finishes as well. The Oak and Hickory styles are the most popular, though those who want to buy something a bit more unique might choose a Maple style instead. 

In terms of security and durability, Pergo MAX engineered hardwood boards use SecureLock joints, which are rated for all levels of the home. Pergo MAX flooring is ⅜” thick and utilizes UltimateShield technology. However, you will need to get underlayment when you get Pergo MAX flooring. 

Pergo Outlast

Pergo Outlast is excellent for those who are looking for protection against water and moisture. We highly recommend Pergo Outlast waterproof floors for kitchens, bathrooms, or any areas in your home that attract a lot of moisture. 

Pergo Outlast uses a Uniclic joint system, as well as a unique waterproof technology known as SpillProtect. Pergo Outlast boards are incredibly resilient, fighting wear and tear with unique Pergo SurfaceDefense protection.

Pergo Outlast is quite affordable compared to many other flooring brands that utilize the same water fighting properties, though it is one of the more expensive types in the Pergo product lineup. There are well over 90 floor options available in the Pergo Outlast collection, making it one of the most versatile Pergo floor collections on this list.

If you’re looking for something natural for your home, one of the best styles we can recommend is the Graceland Oak floor.

For those in the market for flooring that is a bit darker, the Thornbury Oak or Pewter Oak are both great looks.

Pergo Outlast Graceland Oak

Pergo Outlast Graceland Oak

Pergo Outlast Thornbury Oak

Pergo Outlast Thornbury Oak

Pergo Outlast Pewter Oak

Pergo Outlast Pewter Oak

Yes, you might be thinking,

Is this whole Pergo Outlast floor collection made of Oak?

About 90% of these floors are, though, for those who want to step outside of the oak box a little bit, there is also Chestnut, Applewood, and Jatoba laminate to pick from as well! 

One of the best things about the Pergo Outlast collection is its waterproof properties. With that said, there are plenty of other things to love about Pergo Outlast. For starters, most of these styles have pressed edges, meaning you’re not dealing with beveled boards.

The low and medium gloss looks are fantastic, though if you are in the market for a high gloss look, we might recommend looking elsewhere. In terms of overall durability, the AC rating is a four, which is pretty solid. Alongside the smooth and texture planks, you will find some embossed options.

The Pergo Outlast lineup gives consumers many styles to choose from, though if you’re looking for anything outside of medium or wide boards, you might want to try a different style. Pergo Outlast planks are 10mm thick and come with 2mm underlayment. 

When it comes to laminate floor installation, you can install Pergo Outlast on any smooth, or flat surface, whether grade, below grade or above grade, as long as that surface has been prepped prior to installation. 

Pergo XP

Pergo XP is a classic Pergo floor product collection.

There are over 30 styles to choose from, giving you a variety of choices as a consumer. The Pergo XP planks make use of PermaMAX and Scratchguard technology, giving your floor the protection it needs from day-to-day abuse.

No matter what style of flooring you are looking for, you can probably find it in the Pergo XP collection. From Chestnut to Pewter Oak to Pine to Maple to Mahogany, there are a wide variety of floor "species” to try out. While most consumers tend to lean towards Hickory and Oak flooring, there are a few that step outside of the box into more exotic floor alternatives, including Brazilian Koa and Tigerwood.

In terms of texturing options, you can choose from boards that have hand-scraped or lightly textured feels, or go for a much smoother finish. While there are a handful of high-gloss boards available in this lineup, most people tend to buy low or medium gloss. 

The AC rating for Pergo XP boards is four, just like Pergo Outlast, though there are both beveled and square edge types to choose from. 

Pergo XP laminate floors vary in terms of thickness and size. You can purchase boards that are between 8-10mm thick and purchase either narrow, standard, or wide boards. 

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Some Considerations to Make

Going Green

When it comes to how Pergo produces its flooring, there is not a ton of information on their website. We know that laminates have a much higher green factor compared to some types of flooring, such as vinyl, though just how green depends on the manufacturing process.

Luckily, we were able to dig into their website to find out that they are all certified. 

Pergo Outlast and XP are both CARB compliant. The Pergo Max Premier collection is both TSCA Title VI compliant and FloorScore compliant. This means that all three of these Pergo collections are safe in terms of indoor air quality compliance.

Home Installation

The installation never seems to be a complaint when it comes to laminate flooring from Pergo, which is a good sign. With that said, the Pergo Outlast and Pergo XP collections have a less involved installation process thanks to the fact that they both come with 2mm underlayment that is already attached. If you are installing your own Pergo flooring, this will save you a ton of time. 

If you decide to go with the Pergo MAX or Pergo MAX Premier collections, you will have to supply your own underlayment. However, you should not let that alone deter your purchasing decision. Remember, Pergo MAX is unique in that it is an engineered hardwood style. With the handy Pergo SecureLock joints, as well as the fact that Pergo MAX is a floating system, installation shouldn’t be very difficult.


One of the most important factors for consumers who are looking to purchase Pergo flooring is the price per square foot. Because there isn’t much variance between these different Pergo laminate flooring collections, whether or not you want to spend more money comes down to whether or not you want waterproof flooring.

Here is the basic outline for Pergo floors pricing:

  • Pergo XP: $1.75-2.27 per sq ft
  • Pergo MAX: $1.75-3.49 per sq ft
  • Pergo Outlast: $2.79 per sq ft

Final Verdict - Which Pergo Laminate Flooring Should You Get

There are more similarities than differences when it comes to the various Pergo collections, though each one has its own unique stamp.

From the dining room to the living room to the bedroom, we highly recommend going with the Pergo Outlast collection for your home, as the size of the collection is huge and the planks are waterproof. With that said, each of these collections is top-notch and can make a great addition to any home! 

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