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Is Harvey Windows a front runner on your shopping list of window brands to check out? It should be.  

Harvey Windows takes their place as one of top companies on the market today, due to the durability and aesthetic of their custom wood and vinyl framed windows. 

Join us as we review all you need to know about the Harvey Windows Brand.

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Harvey Windows Prices

Harvey Windows vary in terms of price from mid-range to high-end. While the prices vary for the company's different windows, styles, materials, etc., you can get a better idea of the expected price by looking at the particular series you are buying from.

Here is a Harvey Windows price rundown for you to get an idea for how much you can expect to pay per window.

  • Harvey Tribute Windows: $565-$850
  • Harvey Classic Windows: $475-$750
  • Harvey Slimline Windows: $400-$685
  • Harvey Majesty Windows: $825-$1,500

Remember, the Harvey Windows price will vary depending on how many windows you need installed, as well as the window installer you use.

Benefits & Features


Though Harvey Windows is a mid-range/high-end replacement windows brand, the windows that they offer are surprisingly affordable. you'll find high-quality windows for insanely low prices.


Because Harvey Windows is a regional brand, they build particular replacement windows for climates in certain regions. Whether you live in the mid-Atlantic states or New England, you can find a wide range of styles, materials, and glass types that fit your wish list.

Glass Options

You can choose between three different glass options when shopping for Harvey replacement windows, all of which are Energy-Star certified.

The ThermaLock glass is made for Northern and Nortern-Central U.S. zones. It features a Low-E, UV filtering design that reflects heat back into the interior of your home. Beween the pane sitts Argon gas for added protection.

The ThermaGuard glass is made for home in the North-Central Zone and doesn not filter UV. However, similar to the ThermaLock glass, it does use Argon.

Lastly, you have the SunGain glass, which is certified for the North Zone. The SunGain glass allows sun to penetrate, keeping your home nice and warm when the sun is out on colder days. These window ae also great for blocking out cold air.



While Harvey does have a wide selection of windows to choose from, the selection isn't nearly as large as the company's competitor brands, such as Marvin, Andersen, and Pella. If you're looking for the widest selection possible, we would recommend going with one of those brands instead.

Types of Windows Offered

Harvey Tribute Vinyl Windows

Harvey Tribute Vinyl Windows

The Tribute Line offers some of the best Harvey vinyl windows around. These double-hung windows will cost you anywhere from $565 to $850 for each window, and every window comes standard with Energy Star glass for the best energy efficiency possible. You'll also find a .025 U-value for added protection on each of the vinyl windows. However, you are able to upgrade to Thermalock 3x glass with triple pane consctruction if you want a bit of added strength.

The security features on these vinyl windows are top-notch. Users can enjoy the Locking/Tilting Latch, which allows the windows to tilt inward. Not only does this keep them securing in inclement weather, but also makes them much easier to wash from inside. There are option lift handles as well.

Buyers can choose from a variety of screen options, including screens for half-size windows and full-size windows. The FlexScreen is the best choice for those who want the added durability, though the durable aluminum frames might be enough for most vinyl window purchasers.

While the standard color for these Harvey Vinyl windows is white, you can choose from eight exterior paint options. There are also custom options if you want to color match the exterior of your home, including your trim and siding.

The low-profile sash lock hardware provides a wide variety of colors to choose from, including White, Oli-Rubbeb Bronze, and Brushed Nickel Colors.

Harvey Classic Vinyl Windows

While the Harvey Tribute Vinyl Windows might be the best choice for those who want the strongest windows possible, they aren't as popular as the budget-friendly Harvey Classic Vinyl Windows. Though the Harvey Classic Windows aren't made with the same frame durability as the Harvey Tribute Vinyl Windows, they do offer very well-insulated glass.

These Harvey Classic windows come in the style of double-hung windows and cost anywhere from $450-$750 per window depending on the size.

Harvey Classic Vinyl Windows

The glass that comes Energy-Star certified is optional on the Classic Vinyl Windows as well. If you decide to upgrade to the enhanced glass, you get much better sound reduction. This upgrade is worth considering if you live in a very noisy area or work late hours into the night.

One of the coolest features on the Harvey Classic Vinyl Windows is the factory-calibrated tackle and block sash. With this unique sash, there is no lubrication or adjusting required.

Similar to the Tribute Series, you can choose from screens that are full- or half-window sized, including durable aluminum frames for the Harvey FlexScreen screens.

The exterior paint and hardware options are the same as the Harey Tribute Vinyl Windows as well.

Harvey Slimline Vinyl Windows

Harvey Slimline Vinyl Windows

If your main priority is affordability, then we highly recommend checking out the Harvey Slimline Windows.

The unique slim frames on the Harvey Slimline Windows are incredibly thin, as you may have guessed by the name,which reduces the overall cost.

Of course, these aren't as strong as the above two options, though you do get a less-obstructred view because there is more glass.

The Harvey Slimline Vinyl Windows come in single-hung and double-hung options. It is worth noting that this is the sole series that offers an option for single-hung windows.

As for the cost, you can expect to pay anywhere from $400-$685 for each window based on the accessories and size. As with the above Harvey window choices, you can choose to upgrade to Energy Star certified glass. Some of the glazing choices include Sungain, ThermaGuard, and ThermaLock.

We love the standard Ventilation Latches available on these Harvey Windows, as they maintain a slightly open top and bottom sash for prime ventilation. You can purchase screens for both full- and half-window sizes as well.

The exterior paint and hardware options are the same as the above two window options.

Harvey Majesty Wood Windows

The Harvey Majesty Wood Windows is the only Harvey Wood Windows series.

While the Harvey Wood Windows are made out of a regular wood interior, they do use aluminum-clad exteriors..

You can choose between a wide variety of windows with the Harvey Majest Wood Windows series, including:

Harvey Majesty Wood Windows
  • Double-Hung Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Gliding Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Bay & Bow Windwos
  • Shapes

As for the cost, you can expect to pay anywhere from $825-$1,500 depending on the size of the replacement windows and the additional accessories that you choose to peg on. The bay & bow windows typically cost the most.

Some of the windows in this Harvey Window lineup, including the double-hung windows and the casement windows, are built with Energy Star glass. You can choose to upgrade to the Harvey ThermLock glazing if you choose.

As for the interior colors of these replacement windows, you can choose between a bare pine, which you can then stain and prime, or primed pine that is made for painting. The aluminum cladding on the outside comes in five different colors. You can also choose between 3-5 different hardware types depending on the Harvey Majesty Windows that you choose.

Harvey Accessory Windows

Harvey Accessory Windows

Harvey carries on more unique line aside from the Harvey Tribute Windows, Harvey Classic Windows, Harvey Slimline Windows, and Harvey Majesty Windows that is worth noting.

Beyond the normal double-hung window and single-hung window types above, Harvey has a line of accessory replacement windows that are meant to complement normal windows from the vinyl or wood line.

Let's take a look at the various replacement windows you can expect to find in the accessory line:

Casement Windows: Harvey Windows provides its customers with single-hung and double-hung casement windows in a wide variety of sizes. These replacement windows make use of folding handes, which sit flush in the window and have a modern look. You can hang different window treatments without having the handle get in the way.

Awning Windows/Hopper Windows: Awning and Hopper windows are great near the ceiling or beneath other replacement windows, as they allow for more ventilation and light. We often suggest hopper windows for basements, as they are much smaller.

Rolling Windows: Harvey Rolling Windows roll in a horizontal fashion instead of sliding or gliding like other windows. They are very easy to move side to side.

Picture Windows: Picture windows, otherwise known as "fixed" windows, are non-moving windows that come in a wide array of size and style options depending on what you are looking for. To get the aesthetic you desire, you can choose between a wide variety of casing styles.

Bay & Bow Windows: Bay and Bow windows are made out of anywhere from 3-6 separate windows for the most part, though can feature more when custom designed. Bow windows utilize 10-degree angled windows, giving a wall a more rounded appearance. Bay windows make use of either angles at 30- or 45-degrees. You can finish either of these windows with an interior seat board or veneer header. There are four colors to choose from, as well as customized aluminum roofing.

Company Background

Harvey Windows was founded back in 1961 and has been building high-quality windows and doors every since. Beyond Windows and door, Harvey Industries Inc. also offers roofing, patio rooms, patio doors, decking, and a variety of additional Harvey building products. All of the products above are built in the company headquarters in Massachussettts.


Are Harvey Windows any good?

Harvey Windows is a wonderful choice for homeowners who require specialized window or glass shapes. With easy tilt mechanisms for cleaning and opening, high-quality pine and oak frame options for painting, and unique glass choices depending on the region you live in, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

You can expect longevity with Harvey Windows installed.

Are Pella Windows better than Harvey?

When it comes to vinyl windows, we believe Harvey Windows are the best choice. While you don't get the same vinly window versatility in terms of color and accessory options that you do with Pella Windows, you get strength and durability that will help your windows last for a long time.

When it comes to the wood lines however, these are both great choices.

How long do Harvey Windows last?

While the length of your vinyl window or wood window will depend on how it is treated and what kind of environment you live in, the standard length of these windows is twenty years. In fact, Harvey Windows only covers its replacement windows for twenty years, providing repair or replacement if any damage appears due to poor workmanship or manufacturer defects.

Who makes Harvey Windows?

All Harvey building products are manufactured by Harvey Industries Inc. in New England


When you purchase a vinyl or wood replacement windows from the Harvey Window company, you get a limited lifetime warranty. The glass on each Harvey window is covered for up to twenty years. As we mentioned before, the company will provide buyers with repair or replacement in the case of poor workmanship or manufacturer defect.

Alternative Brands?

There are plenty of alternative brands for new construction windows and replacement windows if you can't find what you're looking for through the Harvey Window company.

Andersen is a great alternative to the Harvey Window company as one of the industry's leading window brands. Andersen has many tiers of windows to pick from, as well as custom-made windows with some of the most advanced security features you can get with replacement windows.

Pella Windows offers many lines of aesthetically pleasing windows and is a great brand choice for those looking to install new windows. While we would recommend going with Harvey vinyl windows for those who want vinyl, the Pella Windows wood line is exceptionally detailed and comes with many customization options.

Final Verdict - Should you Buy Harvey Windows?

If you're looking for new construction windows or replacement windows for your home, whether a vinyl window or wood window, we highly recommend Harvey windows. Getting the right windows installed with Harvey is so easy, as there are so many Harvey Window products to choose from, including Harvey Classic Windows, Harvey Tribute Windows, Harvey Slimline Windows, and Harvey Majesty Windows.

Whether you're looking to have your windows replaced or purchase a new construction window, head down to your local window company to get a look at the Harvey Window models they have in stock. 

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